Fun Page For Kids

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Here at Hayfork Community Church we absolutely love kids and recognize that kids capture the heart of God. Our greatest desire is that through our website and our Church kids will recognize their unique place and mission in God’s big picture.

Junior Church
Junior Church Logo
Junior Church is every Sunday morning following our Praise and Worship time in the Sanctuary.  Children ages 3 to 3rd grade join together with loving and caring adult teachers. Each teacher has had training to teach and care for for our children and their safety.
We would like to see our children walking through the FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT.

Let’s sing together “Jesus Loves Me”

Joshua and the Battle of Jericho

The trio find themselves in Canaan. Mistaken for Israelite spies they find themselves pursued by soldiers from Jericho. While Derek and Margo escape to the other side of the Jordan, Moki is captured and force to work the walls of Jericho. With the help of an Israelite soldier and Rahab, Derek and Margo rescue Moki before the walls fall.


Citizen Way – How Sweet the Sound


Christian Bible Cartoon : Noah’s Ark